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Ninja Fortnite Twitch Stream Mix
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Ninja has been doing some sick Twitch streams on Fortnite recently and he chucks some dope tracks in the background of his streams. He has a massive playlist of the tracks he uses and I've picked my favourites and put them into a mix

UPDATE: Ultra Music are a bunch of absolute fuckboys and they muted one of the tracks.

Too big, just Shazam it

This channel is dedicated to providing EDM mixes consisting of my favourite songs I've heard recently across the EDM scene. I strive to make sure every song in every mix is the legitimate full quality version and that the transitions between songs are performed to the best of my abilites with the software I have at my disposal. I hope you discover something you like here.

I also have a mixcloud where I upload pitched up mixes and mixes that aren't allowed on YouTube ( )
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